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      1. General Manager speech

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        We are pleased to welcome you and extend our sincere greetings! We hope to spend pleasant time happily now.

        The passage of time, love. After more than half a century of trials and hardships, several generations of "full legislation" people of arduous pioneering, good governance, to create today's Zhejiang valve industry well-known enterprises.

        We follow the "dripping of grace, Yongquan phase reported" the moral principles. Today's success is inseparable from your support. We adhere to the "Quanli not show people to Pu" spirit of enterprise; adhere to the "quality of the occupation of the market, in good faith to win customers, innovation and development," the operating principle. You can give us a chance of effectiveness, we sincerely service you a satisfaction, this is our commitment will never change.

        We stand all the staff different, we regard the work of every day as the value of life experience, each product as the creation of quality of life.

        Friends, ask this past, emotion, looking to the future, long way to go. We will be the same as the mind of the sea, the mountains of the same simple, and your heart phase, the situation with the Department, sincere cooperation, join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.

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