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      1. Stainless steel butterfly valve

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        Stainless steel ventilation butterfly valve -D341W-1

        Date:[2017-03-15]    hits: Stainless steel ventilation butterfly valve -D341W-1

        Ventilation butterfly valve -D341W-1

        Ventilation butterfly valve used in chemical, building materials, power plants, glass and other industries in the ventilation, environmental protection engineering of dust containing cold air or hot air pipeline, as a gas medium to regulate the flow or cut off the pipeline control device. This kind of valve should be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

        1 the short middle type plate and structural steel plate welding structure design and manufacture of new, compact structure, light weight, convenient installation, small flow resistance, big circulation, avoid the influence of the high temperature expansion, easy operation.

        2 no connecting rod, bolts, reliable, long service life. Multi station installation, not affected by the flow of media


        The ventilation valve is a non sealed butterfly valve, widely used in building material, metallurgy, mining, electricity and other production process of medium temperature are less than 300 of nominal pressure for 0.1Mpa pipeline, to connect, open and close or adjust the medium quality.

        1, open and close quickly, labor-saving, fluid resistance is small, can often operate.

        2, simple structure, small size, light weight.

        3, can transport mud, at the mouth of the pipeline accumulation of liquid at least.

        4, low pressure, can achieve a good seal.

        5, good adjustment performance.

        1 installation position, height, import and export direction must meet the design requirements, pay attention to the direction of the flow of media should be consistent with the body marked arrow direction, the connection should be firmly closed.

        2 valve must be checked before installation, the valve nameplate should comply with the current national standard "universal valve logo" GB 12220 requirements. For working pressure greater than 1 MPa and in the main pipe to cut off the role of the valve, the installation should be carried out before the strength and tight performance test, qualified rear use. Strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times the nominal pressure, duration of not less than 5min, the valve housing, packing should be no leakage for qualified. Tightness test, the test pressure is 1.1 times the nominal pressure; the duration of the test in line with the requirements of GB 50243.

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