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      1. Forged steel check valve

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        F304 forged steel socket welding check valve H61H

        Date:[2017-03-15]    hits: F304 forged steel socket welding check valve H61H

        F304 forged steel socket welding check valve H61H

        Forged steel check valve is to rely on the media itself to flow and automatically open and close the valve to prevent the media back to the valve, also known as check valve, check valve, reversing valve, and back pressure valve. Check valve is an automatic valve, its main role is to prevent the media back, to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, as well as the release of the container medium. The check valve can also be used to provide a supply of pressure which may rise to more than the pressure of the system. Check valve can be divided into swing check valve (according to the center of gravity rotation) and lift check valve (along the axis of movement).

        The role of this type of valve is only allowing the media to flow in one direction, and stop the flow direction. Usually the valve is automatically work, fluid pressure flow in one direction, the valve open; the opposite direction of fluid flow by gravity, fluid pressure and valve closing effect on the valve seat, thereby cutting off flow.

        The internal check valve, butterfly check valve belongs to this type of valve, which includes swing check valve and lift check valve. Swing check valve has a hinge mechanism, as well as a door like valve free to lean on the surface of the seat tilt. In order to ensure that the valve flap can reach the appropriate position of the valve seat every time, the valve flap design in the hinge mechanism, so that the valve flap is sufficient to have a swing space, and make the valve real, comprehensive contact with the valve seat. Valve can be all made of metal, can also be placed on the metal leather, rubber, or synthetic coverage, depending on the performance requirements. Swing check valve in the fully open condition, the fluid pressure is almost unimpeded, so the pressure drop through the valve is relatively small. Lift check valve is located on the valve seat sealing surface. In addition to this valve disc is free to lift, like the rest of the cut-off valve, the fluid pressure valve from the valve seat sealing surface lift, medium return led down to the valve seat, and cut off the flow. According to the conditions of use, the valve flap can be all metal structure, you can also be on the valve frame mounted rubber pad or rubber ring form. The same as the cut-off valve, lift check valve fluid through the channel is narrow, so the check valve by lifting the pressure drop than the swing check valve a little bigger, and swing check valve flow restrictions very little.

        The utility model relates to a device for preventing the medium from flowing on the industrial pipeline.

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