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      1. American standard ball valve

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        American standard hard seal ball valve Q347F

        Date:[2016-10-20]    hits: American standard hard seal ball valve Q347F

        Standard Ball Valves for Stainless Steel

        American Standard fixed ball valve is a new generation of high performance ball valve for long-distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines. Its strength, safety and resistance to harsh environmental conditions are specially considered during design. It is suitable for all kinds of corrosive and non-corrosive Sexual media. It is compared with the floating ball valve, work, the valve before the fluid pressure generated in the sphere of all the forces transmitted to the bearing, will not move the ball to the seat, so the valve seat will not be too much pressure, so fixed ball Of the torque is small, small deformation of the valve seat, sealing performance and stability, long life, suitable for high-pressure, large-caliber occasions.

        American standard fixed ball valve has two-piece and three-piece two kinds of valve body structure, the flange with bolted connection, sealing reinforced PTFE embedded in stainless steel ring, there is no spring steel ring to ensure that the rear seat close to the ball , To keep the seal. The upper and lower stem are not PTFE bearings, reducing friction, operation effort, there is no adjustment of small axis at the bottom of the ball, to ensure that the ball and the ring at the junction of the location. Full Diameter: The valve flow aperture is the same as the inner diameter of the pipeline to allow the line to be cleaned.

        Fixed ball valve for media: water, gas, oil, natural gas and acid corrosive media.

        Applicable temperature: -196 ~ 350 ℃,

        Drive: manual, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic and so on

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