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      1. Oxygen dedicated shut - off valve

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        JY41W, JY41Y-type special stop valve for oxygen

        Date:[2016-10-19]    hits: JY41W, JY41Y-type special stop valve for oxygen

        JY41W, JY41Y-type special stop valve for oxygen

        Oxygen valve in the physical and chemical experiments, often used to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and other gases. These gases are generally stored in a dedicated high-pressure gas. The use of pressure reducing valve through the gas pressure required to fall to the scope of the experiment, and then through other control valve fine-tuning, the gas input using the system.

        Oxygen shut-off valve is a mandatory sealed valve, so the valve is closed, the valve must be applied pressure to force the sealing surface does not leak. When the media from the valve below the valve into the valve 6, the operating force to overcome the resistance is the stem and packing friction and the pressure generated by the medium of the thrust, the force off the valve than to open the valve force, so the valve The diameter of the rod to be large, or it will occur stem top bend of the fault. From the self-sealing of the valve appears, the flange of the valve to the flow of media into the valve above the valve chamber, then the pressure in the medium under the force off the valve is small, and open the valve force, stem diameter Can be reduced accordingly. At the same time, the role of the media, this form of the valve is more stringent. China's valve "three to" has provided that the flow of cut-off valve, all top-down.

        Oxygen valve open, the valve opening height, the nominal diameter of 25% to 30%, the flow has reached the maximum, said the valve has reached the fully open position. So cut-off valve fully open position, the valve should be determined by the stroke.


        1) structure than the gate valve is simple, manufacturing and maintenance are more convenient.

        (2) sealing surface is not easy to wear and abrasion, good sealing, valve opening and closing valve body sealing surface between the relative sliding, so wear and abrasion are not serious, sealing performance, long service life.

        (3) open and close, the valve stroke is small, so cut-off valve height smaller than the gate valve, but the length of the structure than the gate valve.

        (4) opening and closing torque, opening and closing more laborious, opening and closing time principal.

        (5) fluid resistance, due to the valve body than the meandering medium channel, the fluid resistance, power consumption.

        (6) medium flow direction Nominal pressure PN ≤ 16MPa, the general use of downstream, the media from the valve under the direction of upstream; nominal pressure PN ≥ 20MPa, the general use of counter-current, the media from the valve on the downstream direction. To increase the seal energy. Use, stop valve media can only flow in one direction, can not change the flow direction.

        (7) is fully open when the valve flap often eroded.

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