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      1. Oxygen dedicated shut - off valve

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        Ammonia valve with flange for ammonia valve AJ41W

        Date:[2016-10-19]    hits: Ammonia valve with flange for ammonia valve AJ41W

        Flange cut - off valve AJ41W for ammoniaThe valve stem axis of the shut-off valve is perpendicular to the valve seat sealing surface. The stem opens or closes with a relatively short stroke and a very reliable shut-off action, making it ideal for cutting or throttling and throttling media.Once the valve flap valve is open, its valve seat and valve sealing surface is no longer between the contact, and has a very reliable cutting action, the valve is very suitable for this as a medium cut off or regulation and section Stream to use. This type of valve in the pipeline should generally be installed horizontally.Once the cut-off valve is in the open state, its valve seat and the valve sealing surface is no longer between the contact, so its sealing surface mechanical wear is small, because most of the valve seat and valve easier to repair or replace The sealing element eliminates the need to remove the entire valve from the line, which is suitable for applications in which the valve and the pipeline are welded together. Media through the flow direction of such a valve has changed, so cut-off valve flow resistance is higher than other valves.Cut-off valve, also known as the door, is the most widely used of a valve, it is popular, is due to the process of opening and closing the sealing surface friction between the small, more durable, open height is not high, easy manufacturing, maintenance Convenient, not only for low pressure, but also for high pressure.Closing principle of the closing valve is to rely on the valve stem pressure, so that valve sealing surface and the valve seat sealing surface close fit to prevent the flow of media.Cut-off valve only medium one-way flow, the installation direction. The structural length of the cut-off valve is larger than the gate valve, and the fluid resistance is large, and the reliability of the sealing is not strong in the long-term operation.

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